Welcome to the workout of the week!

This week: Annie! One of “girl” crossfit WODs!

It is all about the jump rope and sit ups (or v-ups!)!





Start by doing 50 double unders (or 100 singles) then do 50 v-ups or standard crunches.

Then continue doing 40-30-20-10 of each exercise.  Be sure to record your time!

If you can’t do a double under just double the number. So if you are doing 40 double unders, do 80 singles.

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Does anyone else struggle with what to eat for lunch?  Other than leftovers, a bowl of cereal, or those last few bite of macaroni and cheese your child didn’t eat?

I really struggle with lunch!

This recipe for Broccoli and Cauliflower with caper lemon dressing is perfect for lunch!  Make a big batch on the weekend and have lunch for the week!



Plus, the broccoli and cauliflower only get better the longer it sits in the dressing in the fridge!

Head on over to Skinnytaste for the full recipe!

Fit Mom’s Blog