Coconut is all the rage right now.  But ever wonder what the difference is between water, milk, oil, the cream????

I’m here to help!  I put together this little guide to help explain all the different parts and names of coconut!



First up. Coconut water.  When you pick up a fresh coconut and shake it around, you can hear the liquid sloshing around?  That is the coconut water my friend.  Get a hammer and a nail, punch a hole in the coconut, and grab a straw!



Coconut milk.  Normally sold in can, stir it into recipes like curries, soups, or stews for richness. You can also find coconut milk refrigerated in a carton, but all that stuff is is watered coconut milk with added flavorings and preservatives.  If you want to drink coconut milk I would suggest buying the canned stuff and watering it down yourself and adding some vanilla and stevia to taste.



Coconut oil.  This oil is a solid at room temperature, unless you live in Southern CA like I do and had a crazy hot summer which kept my coconut oil at liquid at room temp for much of it.  You can substitute it for any kind of oil while cooking and even swap it out for oil or butter when baking.



Fresh coconut.  This is probably the least utilized of the coconut products, because they are so much work to eat.  If you do buy a fresh coconut, be sure to save the water first.  Then separate the white meat from the hard brown shell and eat as is.  Or you can take the meat, add it to a blender with some water and make your own coconut milk.



Shredded coconut. I used to have to hunt down the unsweetened shredded coconut, but now by local grocery store carries it!  Stir into baked goods, homemade granola, or use it to crust fish or chicken instead of bread crumbs.



Last but not least, coconut cream.  Made from simmering coconut milk and scooping the cream that raises to the top off. Use it in baked good, to make pina coladas, and in any curry type dish. Don’t get coconut cream confused with cream of coconut though.  Cream of coconut is like sweetened condensed milk.  Coconut cream thickened up even more with sugar added.

There you have it folks!  Hope this little guide explains some of the different uses of coconut for you!

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