Hi!  I’m Steffani!  A new contributor here on fitnessformommies.net


I finally got sick of carrying around all of my extra baby weight and decided to do something about it.

I started working out with Rachel at Crossfit East Redlands in July of 2013.

Thru working out and eating healthy I have lost over 30 pounds, in just a few short months.

I was able to do a rope climb after about 2 months!

Now I have never had very  much upper body strength and I can now do a kipping pull up and am very close to doing a strict pull up.

I never thought I would see the day when I could do a pull up (of any kind!)

I stay fit thru working out, playing with my kids, and eating healthy.

I love to cook, so get ready to see some more healthy meals!

Join me on my journey to stay fit with all my kids along for the ride!

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My chickadees!  Aren’t they cute???

My daughter is 6 and my sons are 4 and almost 2.

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