I think it’s important for everyone to have a LONG list of fun stuff to do in their lifetime. It helps motivate, inspire, plan, and organize for the good stuff to actually happen. Recently, I purchased an extra large white board panel at the local hardware store and on it I have lots of little and big stuff listed. To Do’s, Wish lists, Family Goals, Meals, and I keep erasing lots of stuff, so that I can really make room for what is important to our family. Basically, the white board helps boil down what is really important for that day and just focus on that. Also, it does help me organize the small stuff.

What’s most important right now is for my husband to be supported in his new business and for my kids to be happy and thriving and loved kids. We have been so lucky to have a super healthy family this whole summer when school starts things are going to change again.

Stand Up and Paddle-
Climb San G
Yosemite with Kids
Italy in Winter with Kids

Feels like our list is too short and I could be more creative. Any thoughts?

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