So I’m sure you guys have all heard of Minted right?

I order my Christmas cards from them every year.  I have also ordered many birthday invitations from them as well.

Image my surprise (and delight!) when they contacted me and wanted to write up a post about their new products: wall art and limited edition art prints.

They have some great stuff on there people! Plus, the prices are so reasonable!!! Where else can you get a framed piece of original art for $39.00 for an 8×10?  There are so many great designs.  Really something for everyone.

Here are a few of my favorites:



Love this!



That pop of red???

This would be great in a mud room or a laundry room!  Plus, most of the art work as different color variations you can try out. Just click on the little color palette under each piece of art work. For example this one also comes in yellow.  (Which is to die for.)


I love Volkswagen’s. In fact my first car was a bright yellow 1973 Volkswagen Thing.  (I still have it.  I could never bear to sell it.)  So, while this might not be up everyone’s ally, it’s right up mine.



How perfect would these be in the kitchen?  (In fact I’m going to get both of them.) My kitchen is the color of that pear, so it’s meant to be right?


I also love this paper white on the black background.  Looks so alluring.

One other thing I have to mention that is great about this website, is it show relation of the size of the art to a real person.  And while we all know how big a 5×7 or 8×10 is, it is very helpful to see it in relationship to a real human being (especially if you are ordering a bigger piece of art work).

Like what you see?  See them all here now!

Special thanks to Minted for giving me this opportunity.  Hope you all love their stuff as much as I do!

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