I don’t know how many of you watched the CrossFit games this year, but, there was an event in it that has never before been seen at the games.  You know which movement? Legless Rope Climbs.  This particular movement separated the strong ones with the not so strong.  And, it came in the middle of a long weekend of exercising…but, the point is that it was SUPER hard for everybody- but mainly for the women.  Honestly, I can’t do a legless rope climb and I’ve never tried, but, I am going to work on the strength it requires to do one.   The point I am trying to make is that women are typically less strong in their upper bodies in relationship to their legs and men are typically stronger upper body than women.  That’s the facts.  I want to change that ONE little fact for women or at least the women who might read this or meet me or want me to coach them.

What can you do to improve your upper body strength?

CHEST TO DECK Push-ups.  That means that your chest/sternum/the part between the boobs must touch the deck.  I don’t believe in half pushups.  Feet together, thighs off the ground- narrow or wide style, chest to deck push-ups.

Pull-Ups.  Strict. No Kipping.  Get a band and practice!

Dips. Bench dips, bar dips, ring dips, whatever.  Deep, beautiful dips.

Shoulder Press.  Dumbbell or Barbell. Strict shoulder press with no knee dip.

Bench Press.  Wide or narrow grip.  Powerlift style or regular.  I don’t care which or alternate.

Pendlay Rows.

Ring Rows

Ring Push-ups.

Rope Climbs- With and without your legs

Chest to Bar Pull-ups

Muscle Ups

ANYTHING that will involve pulling or pushing your bodyweight up or around is good for you.  Upper body strength rules in any sport and I encourage all of you to go get some strength.

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