Tonight after 1.5 weeks off for vacation, my kids went back to gymnastics.  Throughout the day I warned them about it.  Not once did I get a positive “oh boy” response.  Not once.  Occasionally, I got a “oh my head hurts” and then just before leaving my oldest boy got hit by a light saber- you know like a toy…from Star Wars and developed a pint sized golf ball knot on his head.  This set off a whole world of “head aches” and I can’t go to gymnastics and even told the coach that he can’t go upside down, etc…He worked it! Poor coach has to put up with my kids.  And then, at the very end of class, my youngest comes out of gymnastics screaming crying, “my whole body hurts!!” in front of the entire parents’ waiting room.  Lovely.  To cap off the entire evening as soon as we got home, my youngest puked his guts out while my older one is climbing all over the coaches begging for kids Tylenol.  Hummm… as a mother, I was completed flabbergasted.  What is next?!

I know nothing.  I’m doing my best as a parent- juggling lots of things, but, seriously, I know nothing.  I can’t cure my kids crying/screaming.  I understand the headache and not wanting to go to gymnastics, but, I don’t want to give too much energy into it.  Grr.

Feeling very unwise at the moment, wondering how can I improve my job of parenting?

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