This is a must read!! By Iris Higgins

I worked at a popular weight loss company for three years. I loved my job there. I LOVED my clients. I loved making a connection and sharing my knowledge. And I learned a lot about nutrition, about dieting and weight loss and what works and what doesn’t. My job was to be a weight loss consultant, and I learned that job very well. I can design a 1,200 calorie meal plan, tell you which activities are most likely to make the number on the scale go down, and how many carbs are in a cup of rice. I can talk the diet game like it’s my business… because it was. Volumize with vegetables. Don’t go too long in between meals. Start with a bowl of broth-based soup. Are you drinking enough water? Did you exercise enough? Did you exercise too much? Let’s look at your food journal.
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I’m proud to say that I am now part owner of CrossFit East Redlands. We are the first CrossFit in our area to be owned by women and I’m very proud to say that my best friend on the planet and I are now partners. Tomorrow is our first day of classes so I’m heading off to bed.

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