Just a quick list of things I’m currently loving!



This baby socks from Walmart!  How did I not know they existed until now!  They grow with your babies feet, so no more buying new socks every few months!

You can fine a whole bunch of different options here.



This Nocciolata spread.  Just like Nutella, but organic! Can’t beat that! Spread it on toast, bananas, pancakes, waffles, or eat it straight up.  I’ve been know to sneak a little spoonful when I need something sweet!



This Vemma Antioxidant supplement. For only 60 calories you get all the goodness of 12 full-spectrum vitaminsplant-sourced minerals,whole-fruit mangosteenorganic glyconutrient-rich aloe vera and organic green tea.  Plus, it tastes really good too. 



This sports bra from Shapeez. It says it gets rid of uniboob and back fat.  Well after three kids, my poor boobs are no longer in existence so I gave one to my sister to try (she’s a nursing mama right now). She loved it!  Kept the girls apart and in place during her workout with no visible pockets of fat on her back!  Highly recommend this product, especially if you are well endowed!

There you  have it!  Things I am loving lately.  What are some products you are loving?

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