So spring is right around the corner (although most of the country is buried under snow), I live in sunny southern California where we have had 80 degree days the past week.  So spring clothing is on my mind!

With spring comes more outdoor time.  I’m always on the hunt for sales on new outdoor activity items like tents, bikes, backpacks, fishing poles, etc.  Anything that gets me and children outdoors and moving.  When I found out about this website called the Clymb I was intrigued. They have great deals on all sorts of outdoor sports gear that will get anyone motivated to get outside and get moving. Nothing like a brand new tent to get you camping. Or a new fishing pole or new bike to get you outside.

Of course I was drawn to clothes that are on the website. I have three little kids and I am always on the look out for a great deal.  Especially when it comes to clothes (of any kind) for myself.  I would rather spend my money on my kids.

The Clymb has all sorts of clothing, workout apparel, and a bunch of other stuff.  Best of all?  Its all 70% off or more.



This cute Roxy sweater is only $19.98



I also really liked this lightweight longed sleeve stripped shirt.  Perfect for those beach nights!



This Hurley shirt is also super cute.



These while capris look super comfy.  You don’t really have to wait until after Memorial Day to wear white anymore do  you?  I don’t.



And the dreaded swimsuit.  I hate swimsuit shopping, but there are so many options on The Clymb that it might be fun to shop for swimsuits this year! Although, after three kids I’m limited to tankinis and one pieces.  No one wants to see my saggy skin and stretch marks.  Heck, most the time I don’t even want to look at them!

Another great thing about TheClymb is all of their apparel is name brand like Roxy, Hurley, Lucy, etc.  So I can still pretend that I’m cool even though I’m in my 30′s.

Happy shopping.  I know I will be having fun.

(This is a sponsored post.  As always all opinions and thoughts are my own.)

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