Frances & Vitale 1958 Love by The EL in Brooklyn – 54th St & 13th Ave on Oldsmobile [Mom & Dad]

lean moms

Image by Whiskeygonebad

Frances Tuzzolino born here & Vitale Catalano from Italy / Argentina – My mom and dad courting in the 1950s. People may imagine what romance was like in the 50s, but you don’t often actually see it. I think this is early 1958 at least from the car models. Dad is leaning on a 1958 Oldsmobile. One of those long gone, heavy black trains is capture perfectly in the shot. This was taken with a 120/620 Voightlander Bessa II bellows camera. My Dad, being the Mr. neat, closed the camera case and is wearing it on his shoulder. I think his friend from Italy, Romano Rosaspina [my Godfather] took this shot in Boro Park, Brooklyn on 54th street where 13th ave is behind them. I have no other photographs similar to this one of them. BTW: That fruit store, Big George, is still there! I would love to someday learn about and spend the large amount of time it would take to make this into a color photograph. I think I could do it. It would take days.