I swear some of the workout machines at the gym just take up space.  You could do a million moves some of these machines and never see any results.

Here’s a list of 7 moves to never to again!

1. Seated inner/outer thigh machine-people think that using this machine will lessen the fat on their inner and outer thighs.  Won’t happen.  To lose fat on your thighs you need to lose fat all over your body.  Plus, this is not a natural way to use your muscles.  Do side lunges instead if you want to tone up your thighs.

2. Twisting and rotating with a stick above your head-you might feel as though you are trimming down your waist but with no resistance you could do a ton of these and nothing would happen. In order to improve core strength you need to work against gravity or have some kind of resistance.  Do side planks instead.

3.Tricep kickbacks-it is very hard to do these properly with the correct amount of weight, which is what needs to happen to have them be effective at all.  For a more effective tricep workout do tricep dips.

4. Calf raise machine-in this machine you place weight on your shoulders and then bob up and down using your calves.  This might be a little beneficial, but the added weight can cause spinal depression which would greatly outweigh the benefits of the machine. Instead do calf raises with just gravity and your body weight as resistance.

5. Leg extension machine-sitting down and extending your legs in front of you is not a natural movement and puts a lot of stress on the knees. Instead do squats and lunges to help strengthen your quads.

6. Alternating Superman-in this move you get on your hands and knees and raise one arm while raising the opposite leg. Your legs are much heavier than your arms, which could cause you to twist your spine.  Instead do regular Supermans.

7. Seated ab curl machine-any machine that has a lot of different knobs and things to adjust rarely work correctly because it takes so long to get it adjusted specifically for your body. Instead do planks, side planks, crunches, etc.  Any other body weight ab moves would be much more effective than the machine.

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Finding the right motivational music for your workout

Many people use music as a motivational boost during a workout and the right kind of music can make that exercise routine fly by.  Choose the right type of music to match your fitness routine but remember to mix it up every now and then to avoid repetition.

Portable MP3 players are one of the best ways to create a soundtrack for your workout. With an MP3 player you can create a variety of playlists with different music on each list to match specific exercise session. In-ear headphones provide excellent clarity and won’t slip out during a strenuous workout. Simply create your playlist, clip on your iPhone, iPod or MP3 player, set the timer and workout to your favourite music.


Best music for running

Music that has a pounding beat or bassline is one of the best ways to build up and sustain a rhythm whether you’re street running or using an x-trainer or treadmill. It is all down to personal choice – some people prefer well-known anthems such as Survivor’s ‘Eye of the Tiger’ while others go for dance music such as the Shlomi Aber house classic ‘Blonda’.

It’s all about keeping a consistent running rhythm and extended dance versions are an excellent choice as it only takes a few songs to complete a 30 minute workout session. This type of music is also ideal for weight training as well as exercises designed to give a strenuous cardio workout.


Relaxing music

If you are into an exercise regime such as yoga then relaxing music will be the preferable option. Certain musicians have created instrumentals that are perfect for yoga and these include the American songwriter Snatam Kaur as well as the calming but inspirational music created by Bachan Kaur.

This music is designed to arouse specific emotions while exercising and the hauntingly atmospheric melodies are the perfect accompaniment to any type of yoga. Also consider soundtracks consisting of environmental sound such as ocean waves, rain and birdsong.


Explore film soundtracks

Films are a fantastic way to discover new music and you can often find great workout music by rooting through soundtracks on sites such as YouTube. Consider those films with uplifting and emotionally charged soundtracks such as Oblivion and Inception; the five minute ‘Mombassa Suite’ from Inception provides the ultimate “expert runners only” music.

For more relaxing soundtracks try out ‘Into the Fray’ from The Grey soundtrack or Adagio in D Minor used in the film Sunshine. Keep an open ear when watching films to find some excellent exercise music and then add them to your playlists.

Everyone has their favorite work-out music, whether it’s a relaxing classical piece for Pilates or pounding dance classics during a spin class. Remember to update your playlists regularly to keep it fresh and use the ‘shuffle’ feature from time to time to avoid repetition.

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