Add home workouts are a necessity sometimes.  Not everyone has the time or money to join a gym.

But everyone can find some stairs (if you don’t already have some in your house) :)




15 minute staircase workout

-for a quick warm up walk up and down the stairs three times

-take the stairs 3-4 at a time (which ever one makes you do a deep lunge), repeat three times

-sit at the bottom of the stairs and place your hands 3-4 steps up, facing away from the stairs.  Bend your elbows to do 20 tricep dips.

-Now skater steps. Place your right foot two steps up, and the jump up with your left foot (climbing two steps at time).  So you are jumping right foot left foot.

-Mountain climbers: at the bottom, facing the stairs place your hands 2-3 stairs up.  Then run in place making sure to bring your knee as far to your chest as  possible

-walk up and down the stairs three more times for a cool down

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