Welcome to the featured workout of the week!!!

This week it’s all about the plank.  I love incorporating planks into my workouts, because you can’t cheat when doing them.  I’m one that has been known to make things as easy on myself as possible, and when you are holding a plank pose there is no making it easy on yourself.

Here we go!



Hold a standard plank pose for 60 seconds.



Next flutter feet.  Lifting on foot off the ground and flutter it up and down for 30 seconds.  Repeat with the other side. You should feel your hamstrings, glutes, quads, and your core working hard.



Plank jacks.  Hold a plank pose on your hands.  Jump your feet out and in.  Do 40.



Mountain Climbers. Moving quickly pull your knee to your chest and then back to starting position.  Switch legs.  Do 40.



Twisting planks.  While holding a plank on your hands, with your knee bent move your leg underneath you as far as possible twisting really far.  You should feel your obliques burn.  Do 10 per side.



Hold a plank for 60 seconds.

Your abs should be on fire!!!

Have a great week.

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